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Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Happiest Place on Earth With My Favorite People on Earth

After relaxing at the beach, we were off to the happiest place on Earth!! I was cautiously optimistic about Disney... last time we were there Jonah was NOT a fan and I quite honestly had no desire to go back anytime soon. But, for some reason I just knew this time would be better. Going from 2 to 3 made a huge difference- he could ride more rides, wasn't stuck in his stroller the entire time, the weather was amazing, we were germ-free and he went from being terrified of the characters (which was still cute) to LOVING them... "I will give Micky da biggest hug in da world!" So, so fun. 

We woke up super early Saturday morning to drive from the beach to Disney, wanting to arrive as early as possible to maximize our day and to make sure we made it for Audrey's esteemed appointment at the Bibbity Bobbity Botique on time :). The drive was easy- we went straight to our resort to park our car and hopped on one of the busses to the Magic Kingdom, making it just past the park opening. We hit up some rides and then I took Audrey to her appointment at Cinderella's Castle! 

We then spent the next two days at The Magic Kingdom- hopping from ride to ride from morning to night, meeting princesses and characters, eating a LOT of treats... and even hanging out with friends (The Rademachers) a couple of times which was so fun to see them there... On Sunday Jackson broke his KidBit record, logging nearly 28,000 steps! 

On Sunday afternoon we had lunch at Cinderella's Castle- this was a highlight on our last trip and it was again...  getting to walk inside, up the spiral staircase and into the dining room with ALL the princesses. The peanut was in heaven for sure! As much as Jonah loved the characters, he was quite shy around the princesses which was pretty adorable. 

This was one of Jackson's highlights- getting to drive Audrey and I in the race cars. He was a cra-zy driver and his biggest goal was to scare us... we played along :) but in all honesty it was a pret-ty bumpy ride. 

At our resort we had an amazing pool area- as much as the kids LOVE Disney, they also just really love swimming. We took a break from the heat at the parks Sunday afternoon to swim before going back to spend the evening at Magic Kingdom, closing down the park and swam again the next day after leaving Hollywood Studios. 

On our last day at the parks we went to Hollywood Studios- it was also Nanna's birthday hence the massive cupcakes... this was our first time at this park. Audrey LOVED the Frozen show (Elsa made it snow!) and there was a lot for Star Wars which Jackson enjoyed along with the Indiana Jones stunt show. It was more a half-day place for us- which left plenty of time to go back to the resort and explore and hit up the pool. 

After swimming we finished off the night with the outdoor movie- every Disney resort does this every night... it was the perfect ending to our trip, relaxing under the stars before packing up and heading home the next day. 

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