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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

a little getaway...

A couple of months ago I spontaneously decided we needed a vacation. To somewhere warm. ASAP. 

After changing jobs + a LOT of work travel + Dan's new crazy, crazy work schedule + the coffee business... I just needed a break. Unfortunately in the spring it's too hard for Dan to get away so instead my parents joined the kids and I for a Spring Break trip down South. Little did I know at the time how much we would need this at the very moment we left- after a few weeks of going through some really hard stuff. 

I knew we wanted time at the beach and after learning that flights were MUCH less expensive into Orlando versus directly to a beach because of Spring Break timing, we decided to do half beach-time and half-Disney World time. It was the perfect combination of relaxing with no set plans at the beach and then the magic of Disney that also comes along with a lot of go-go-go. It was a very good decision and one we'll replicate for sure if (when?) we ever decide to do Disney again.

Thanks to the pure awesomeness of Air BnB, the ease of booking with Disney and finding some flight deals, my spontaneity turned into a fully planned trip in less than 48 hours. 

A few memories from the first part of our trip at Siesta Key...

These three are airpot pros at this point, fully realizing that the trick to any successful flight is to pack three times as many snacks as you THINK you might need. 

I loved this sweet little path to the beach from our Air BnB and why walk to the beach when you can RUN!?

Of course any solid vacation comes with a LOT of treats... we rotated between the mini donuts stand and Olaf's Ice Cream, sometimes hitting them up multiple times in a day. No complaints from these little monsters...

These three. They would dig on the beach ALL day. Dig, search for shells, dig some more, repeat... 

We would normally hit up the beach in the morning/early afternoon and then relax around the pool in late afternoon while Jonah napped. It was the sweetest pool at our Air BnB and felt like it was inside a secret garden. We were the only ones who used it throughout our stay, making it basically private to us. 

In the evenings we would walk to the village for dinner and then back to the beach for sunset. I'm a big BIG proponent of vacations where minimal driving is needed and what I loved about this particular spot was that we could walk everywhere- the beach, breakfast, coffee, dinner, shops... and of course at Disney we didn't need to drive anywhere either since we stayed at a WDW Resort. 

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