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Saturday, February 11, 2017

life lately.

I chose FREEDOM as my word for 2017. 
Freedom from so much rushing and stress and just this feeling that we were getting too comfortable in this psuedo bubble we had created for ourselves. 

My leaving P&G at the end of 2016 a big step (leap?) in the right direction, but I didn't want to lay off the throttle. I didn't want to ease up, I wanted to keep pushing myself- even when it was uncomfortable and goodness have there been moments of that, but as they say, on the other side of fear lies freedom.

There's that Helen Keller quote that comes to mind every once in awhile- "Do something every day that scares you." I think in this life it's really easy to go weeks, months, maybe even years without doing the things that scare us. The things that aren't comfortable, the ones where we may not know what we're doing- at all, the ones that in the end grow us and leave us with a rush. That's living... 

To me, that's what freedom looks like.
That's what I want to model for my babies who aren't really babies at all anymore because the reality is they model that for me sometimes too. Like when Jackson and Audrey BOTH went down Center Stage today (the most steep, most advanced, most scary to this mom) ski slope. In those moments I have to remind myself that this is what I want for them- to stretch and grow and "FLY" as Audrey would say, even when it's hard to watch. 

A little life lately...

The peanut graduated from ski school- she was declared the "most enthusiastic" of the little people skiers for laughing down every slope. She's fearless, that one. 

On their actual birth days, we snuck in some one on one time with both boys. I grabbed a little footie-pajamaed Jonah from bed and went for a donut date on his birthday and woke Jackson extra early before school on his day for breakfast at his favorite local pancakes diner. We appropriately re-filled them on all things sugar with cupcakes and sang happy birthday to our two little men. 

And then there's the day to day of just living. A peanut who's in costume at least half the time, visits from neighbors who come bearing donuts, working from my home office in between trips- I finally feel like I'm hitting somewhat of a groove which is a relief and I've recommitted to my fitness which is so hard to start over with, but I'll get there (eventually). 

We're thankful to have a church family who helps create extra opportunities to serve- last Sunday we worked together to fill nearly 95,000 meals to send to Haiti. #loveinaction

A couple of weeks ago we had a cousin date with all the girls to see The Little Mermaid at the theatre- Audrey, of course, loved it. 

That same weekend while Dan worked I took the little monsters to a workshop to learn about birds - there were bird-themed snacks (Jonah's favorite part) and we made several bird feeders before going outside to look for birds. 

Much to Jackson's disappointment, this winter has been mild with only small traces of snow- not enough to get out his new sledding equipment, but enough to plan with the neighbors and to hit up the ice skating rink in between the many (many) trips Dan has made with them to the ski slopes. Little bear is (im)patiently waiting for his turn to ski too. 

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