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Sunday, November 6, 2016

An astronaut, dinosaur and Pocahontas walked into a bar...

I admittedly never loved Halloween- until I had babies. And now their excitement is completely contagious. They tend to begin planning their costumes months in advance. There are a LOT of "what are you going to be for Halloween?" conversations amongst the three of them and this year Jonah caught on pretty quickly that HE got to decide- all. on. his. own. His decision? "A blue dinosaur that says RAHR!" Obviously. Jackson wanted to be an astronaut (me too, buddy) and Audrey went back and forth as she always does, finally landing on Pocahontas (the most beautiful version I've ever seen- not that I'm biased). 

Trick-or-treating at hall-ZOO-ween was a lot of fun despite the hot, hot heat. In late October. Crazy! These three pumpkins were baking in the sun but talked me into ice cream to cool them off. I'm a sucker. 

We continued with our tradition of Trunk-n-Treat at Church. Always so much fun to see so many friends and Nanna joins us too which the babies love. This was one of the weekends we were flying solo from Dan while he worked so it was especially nice to have her join us. 

We love these sweet neighbors of ours :) 

On Halloween night we ventured out into our community. I was solo again so our neighbor Miss Ashley sweetly handed out our candy for us while I walked the babies around. I couldn't believe how "into it" people were this year- there were houses with Halloween music, cook-outs where people were handing out Hotdogs and popcorn, at one point we passed a man blaring the "Monster Mash" while pulling a casket behind his ATV. So fun! And we arrived home to Miss Ashley holding down the fort, accompanied by skeletons she had dressed up. The final home we went trick or treating at was Mr. Dave's, our neighbor who had the most dramatic decorations up. We're lucky to live by such fun people who love our babies so much.

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