Life on Cottage Hill: PAGES

Sunday, October 9, 2016

all things FALL.

Dan recently started a new role which brings along with it quite possibly the world's most complicated schedule. I have an excel sheet that would make your head spin, detailing the hours he is working each day and therefore when we need nanny help, when I get home, when he gets home, where the babies need to be and when, you name it. Logistical complexities at their best. Luckily I love a good schedule challenge if it means I get to plot it out in my planner :) 

-The down side: longer days for him and working about half of the weekends/some holidays which means longer days for me too- working full-time + flying solo at home. 
-The up side: he gets bigger breaks off in between the chaos which he loves and so do the babies- they've already enjoyed quite a few "daddy days" and I'm not sure who had more fun- Dan or the kids. 

... all of that to say that we we are on weekend #2 of being on our own and in a pattern of toggling between time at home and going on adventures. Yesterday was an adventure day- a very random adventure day where this mama just made up the next move on a whim throughout the day with the singular goal of soaking up as much FALL as possible. 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

a peanut performance.

Audrey joined the Wildfire Elite "tiny tumblers" a few months ago- they're awfully adorable. This past weekend the older competition teams were performing at a Fall Fest and invited the little ones to join and demonstrate some of their stunts. Our sweet peanut was a little nervous before, but loved every minute of the performance and we loved every minute cheering her on from the stands before hitting up the fair rides.