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Saturday, September 24, 2016

adventures lately.

We are officially into FALL now, but it feels anything but outside. While I'm typically in a hurry to explore everything that the cooler weather brings, this year we're content to hold onto summer a little bit longer, soaking up these bonus moments on the lake in between other adventures...

We have been hitting up the soccer fields a couple of times each week to watch JP play. He's having a great time and the fields are uber convenient- both of which outweigh the fact that the league just isn't a big challenge for him. Oh well, live and learn. Next year we'll explore the traveling team... but pushing that off another year is worth it to avoid extra rushing in the evenings as long as possible. For now we'll just let him enjoy dominating the field :). 

This past weekend we also had what somehow feels like "Christmas in the fall" for the babies- P&G day at King's Island. All of my co-workers agreed that their kids look forward to this day above almost any other family tradition... going to the park when it's so full of friends and the lines are basically non existent just feels special. We went over the summer and it was a BLAST, but nothing tops P&G day. Now that Jonah can ride more things we ended up opening up the park and closing it down with a brief intermission at home in between to give the bear a nap. That's right, two rounds in one day. So. much. fun. 

These three. They're nuts. I have no idea they thought it was so hilarious to watch Jonah "flying" on his own in the kiddie airplane ride, but they did. They were dying with laughter the entire time which of course Jonah just loved... waving and laughing right back from the ride. It's true what they say, baby #3 is indeed the family clown and everyone's baby. 

I had a quick business trip to Boulder, Colorado which is awesome because 1) Colorado is gorgeous and 2) it meant I got to stay an extra night in Denver with Brian, Sarah and Violet. Having one-on-one time with V meant reinforcing my place as her favorite aunt ;). 

As soon as I landed home from Denver after some slight delays from weather I quickly changed, dressed the babies and off we went to a family wedding. Despite the heavy, heavy rain it was a beautiful night and the babies lived it up playing hard with their cousins and Audrey's little legs were glued to the dance floor for hours. 

In between all of the above adventures, the star of the show lately has been our new boat. Gah! A boat was not in the plans for awhile, BUT we were given an offer we couldn't refuse by a good friend who just sold their lake house. Oh, the memories that we'll make on this thing...

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