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Thursday, August 4, 2016

...well, hello.

This space has remained unintentionally quiet for me this summer. The reality is that as Dan said, "this may go down as one of my favorite summers of our lifetime" and we've been busy doing just that- enjoying, soaking it up.

 The combination of our sweet babies being at the most fun ages and living on the lake has created a pretty magical childhood, especially in the summertime. These three have not sat idle one day- bouncing from the beach to the lake to the pool, spending afternoons boating, playing with their neighborhood buddies, there have been nights full of roasting s'mores and catching lightening bugs, hopping from park to park playing soccer, hiking on trails and lord only knows how many miles those little legs have ridden on their bikes. 

This is summer.
This is everything I always wanted for their childhood- the sweetest memories in the making. 
This is what keeps me going when my work weeks get intense and this mama gets tired. 

Oh, and this is what makes for some really smooth bedtimes- summer certainly makes for some tired little people! ;)

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