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Friday, August 5, 2016

sum. sum. summertime.

...playing a little catch-up of all things summer!

One thing I'm most thankful for this summer was getting to take off some extra Fridays, giving me three-day weekends for most of June and July. It's amazing what having one extra day off work does- it gives me the extra amount of buffer space I need to clear my mind and really allow myself to relax, forgetting deadlines and to-dos at the office. The babies and I took full advantage, packing in adventures. 

On my last Friday off I decided on a whim to take my three monsters to King's Island. On my own. I knew it could only end epically awesome or in many a' meltdown :). We had a blast and left the park nearly 10 hours later covered in sticky ice cream and every-treat-we-could-find with little legs exhausted and fighting to keep their eyes open. All three declared the 'wave pool' as their favorite part of the day. It was our first time exploring the water park inside PKI and they had a blast. So. much. fun. 

These three have been true water babies all summer. With the exception of a few random rainy days, they have spent every single day either at the pool, the beach or swimming off our dock in the lake. We also wove in a few afternoons at Aunt Cherie's pool filling up with crazy cousin fun, had a week of swim lessons and rented out the HVL pool one night for all of our church friends.

Dan and Jackson also competed in their first Spartan Race. 
Jackson competed in the junior race and Dan did the full edition- a 5 mile+ course full of crazy obstacles like jumping over fire, climbing robes and walls and army crawling through pits of mud. NOT my kind of race! They finished proud and muddy- really muddy. 

Throughout the summer we also had the chance to go to a few Reds games thanks to mine and Dan's companies. Reds games with babies are a whole lot more enjoyable from the box or club seats- with bathrooms, AC and endless food are at your fingertips. #spoiled

For one game, Dan was flown in by helicopter from his power plan to downtown. Seriously random and awesome. 

#catchingup round 2 to come!

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