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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

class of 2028 goes to FIRST grade!

This week Jackson went back to school, entering the first grade. And in case you didn't know it, being officially in a GRADE is a pret-ty big deal. After a summer packed full of adventures I think he was actually ready to get back into a regular routine and to see his friends on more of a daily basis. While he loves playing with Jonah and Audrey, he's clearly much more mature in this stage and needs his "buddy time" with older kids. 

A few days before school began we visited his classroom and met his teacher who we had heard great things about and talking to her in person confirmed how sweet, positive and energetic she is. She clearly loves to teach and it oozes from her. I also loved the little texts she sent to the parents throughout the first days assuring us of all the fun they were having. 

Jackson was significantly less excited for our annual 'back to school' photos. He is NOT a fan of photos right now- at all. He doesn't understand why I need more when I "already have millions." Tough luck, bud, I've got decades worth of more photo needs in me ;). 

first day of Kindergarten HERE
first day of preschool, year 2 HERE
first day of preschool, year 1 HERE

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