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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

a little life lately!

We are exactly 24 hours away from having 3/3 Engel babies on summer vacation! 
They. are. pumped. 
Pumped for rotating from pool day to beach day and back.
For playing in the lake all the way to sunset. 
For long bike rides and games of baseball with the neighbors. 
For bonfires, too many popsicles and eating meals picnic-style as often as possible.
They have "the life" in the summer if you know what I mean.

Life lately has included Saturday morning adventures at Findlay Market. Dan had been counting down the weekends for the outage to be over so we could get back in our Findlay groove, just in time for all the fresh fruits and veggies. I love that place and I love that our family has a story there that goes way back, to when Dan's Grandpa Charlie would wake at 3:00 in the morning to load up fresh produce and truck it to Findlay to sell in his stand beside Bob Castellini and all their Italian buddies working hard to support their families and chasing after The American Dream. 

So. Awesome. 
May our babies see that same work ethic and passion in us. 

After hitting up Findlay this past Saturday we swung by the Zoo. Jonah is the perfect zoo age... ooh'ing and aah'ing over every animal and exclaiming, "I rode da'' choo-choo! I rode da' choo-choo!" Goodness, can I just tell you how unbelievably happy it makes me to have all five of us back together after two long, long months of not having Dan around!? 

Ironically, that was the second trip to the zoo in a week for Jackson and I. In true Kindergarten tradition we hit up the zoo for his class field trip the week before. I loved getting to spend time with him and all his little buddies. And I especially liked not losing any of the kids I was chaperoning... is that not every parents' nightmare scenario!?

Other adventures while Dan was still "away" included introducing a few firsts for Jonah- his first time going to see a movie (he LOVED it) and first time bowling. We did a "family first" and took a ride on the Anderson Ferry after running errands and watching planes land at CVG followed by planting a mini garden for Jackson and Audrey to tend to on their own this summer. And ice cream dates, of course... there's always time for ice cream in their world!

Warm weather always means park-hopping... trying out new parks and hitting up all our favorites. If it's nice outside, 9 out of 10 times the kids hit up the park multiple times each day: during the day with Nanna or Amy, then again when Dan gets home from work before dinner and oftentimes we all go either back outside to the dock or in the cul-de-sac with our neighbors or to the park or beach until bedtime. Did I mention they have "the life?"

In between adventures our sweet Peanut celebrated the end to her first year of preschool, we celebrated Mother's Day with hosting brunch, piano lessons have continued and there is always, always coffee happenings going on. 

(...this is Jackson doing his Mother's Day shopping for me. He so sweetly without my knowing counted out all of his "give" money and brought it with us when we went grocery shopping. He then asked me to "not look" at what he was picking out and proceeded to pay/check-out on his own. He's the sweetest!)

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