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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

my sunshine.

This guy. 
He's taking his "2 year old" title seriously. 
You know, with tantrums, whining and all that good stuff!!
Thankfully he balances it all out perfectly-
with cuddles, "big hugs" as he calls them and so much more.

My favorite time with Jonah right now is hands-down bedtime.
Each night we go into his room and he lays down,
I cover him up, give him his doggie and then instructs me to,
"lay down, mommy, hold my hand and sing sunshine!"

And so I do.
I lay down beside him, we hold hands in the dark and I sing "you are my sunshine..."
In those few moments I think to myself how they're some of the best of my day.
Possibly of my life... 

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