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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Check it out...

Check out our latest blog post over at The Village Roastery starring Jackson HERE :)!

love bunnies.

Easter Sunday. 
It was a great day on so many levels-
Dan had the day off work. 
The weather was perfect and almost summer-like.
I had three sweet babies to share the day with. 
And as Jonah said, "Happy Easter! Jesus alive!"

This guy right here. First of all, lets just admire those cheeks for a moment and ask that they still be just as kissable next year. And second of all, a quick little story to tell him someday. On this Easter morning when you were barely just two years old you woke up before the rest of the family as you normally do, but instead of staying put in your room you snuck downstairs, sat yourself in front of your Easter basket and gave yourself a little pre-sunrise snack of many, many pieces of candy. You then left your evidence behind- a pile of wrappers- and went back upstairs and tapped Mommy on the shoulder with a, "Good morning, Mommy!" You little stinker. 

After church we had a few quiet moments before a day full of family celebrations. While Dan did some catch-up coffee roasting the babies and I went outside to capture their sweet faces on this day that means so much. It means everything, really. And I'm thankful that they have people woven throughout their every day who reinforce what the love of Jesus really means. 

Next up was Nanna's house.
Pop made maps for the easter egg hunt for Audrey and Jackson so after they were briefed on their mission they were off... followed by a baseball game. 

And then on to Mamaw's. 
Time with all the cousins can only be described as "crazy fun." They are all crazy, it's always chaotic but they have a blast. Jackson continued more baseball, they rode bikes, had another egg hunt and ended the day with a massive water gun fight.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

hammock season.

Last night the hammock went up, signaling warmer days spent exploring (and hopefully swimming very soon) in this great playground of a lake. This is the place and the season where it's easy for everyone to find their happy place all at once: Jonah throwing rock (after rock after rock) into the water, Audrey collecting flowers and Jackson climbing trees with his neighborhood best buddies. Dan and I are always close behind, usually with coffee in hand, and sometimes if especially lucky laying in the hammock with a good book. Lets not lie- that doesn't happen NEARLY as much as I would like, but a girl can dream, can't she? 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

my sunshine.

This guy. 
He's taking his "2 year old" title seriously. 
You know, with tantrums, whining and all that good stuff!!
Thankfully he balances it all out perfectly-
with cuddles, "big hugs" as he calls them and so much more.

My favorite time with Jonah right now is hands-down bedtime.
Each night we go into his room and he lays down,
I cover him up, give him his doggie and then instructs me to,
"lay down, mommy, hold my hand and sing sunshine!"

And so I do.
I lay down beside him, we hold hands in the dark and I sing "you are my sunshine..."
In those few moments I think to myself how they're some of the best of my day.
Possibly of my life... 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Not sure how it happened, but I turned 32 over the weekend. 
That feels semi-old'ish although still solidly in the safe zone of "early thirties" so I'm feeling pretty good about that. 

I'm also feeling pretty good about life. When I look back on the past 10 years- my first decade out of college- I can't help but be amazed and so very thankful for all of the good, good things that were sprinkled throughout... marriage, babies, dream job, learning a TON- about myself, about life, about my faith-, starting our own non-profit, travelling literally around the world... the list goes on. 

I am humbled because I realize none of this is due to me. 
None of this did I earn on my own. 
But, all of this has been given to me as a tool for growth and maturity so that I can carry out HIS will and HIS plan more effectively. 

And at 32 I feel like I'm finally starting to really, really do that consistently. The day-to-day still feels hard at times, but the great thing about life is that if you allow yourself to learn and grow, you get a whole lot better over time at dealing with the hiccups and struggles. It certainly doesn't make life a cake-walk, but there's an inner peace that seems to handle the bulk of the painful moments. It's a learning curve in going from over-reacting to under-reacting as many times as possible 

And I couldn't ask for anything more...
Here's to another year of love + adventure! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

welcome to the roastery!

our website for The Village Roastery is officially live and ready for business! It also contains its own lil' blog so head that way for updates, to see what we're roasting and to order if you feel so inclined ;)