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Sunday, February 21, 2016

...the last of disney.

On our last day at Disney we hit up The Animal Kingdom. The park I just KNEW Jonah was going to love. That is until we arrived and the safari was broken down, the crowds were a bit shall we say crowded and everyone was just tired from a week at Disney... he did love seeing the animals, but then napped through the last part which was just fine with us :). 

One highlight for the bear was the train ride to the part of the park where all the veterinarians take care of the animals. There was a petting zoo there along with the facility where they organize the food for the animals, give them medical care- including surgeries which you can watch (!) and a ton of other educational stations. But, first up was taking their "Lion Guard" oath, vowing to join the efforts in protecting lions around the globe. What a cast of characters these three were that day... 

Next up was lunch time. We were bordering on being h-angry so we hit up the first restaurant that we found, later realizing it was a "table service" character restaurant. Thankfully, a quick call to the reservations center let me exchange our lunch for reservations we had later that night somewhere else. It ended up being a good swap. The food was great, we were able to meet all the non-princess characters and it helped free up time later in the day to relax at the pool. Some of us enjoyed lunch more than others (we're looking at you, Jonah...). 

After lunch we continued exploring for awhile, learning about animals. It's pretty amazing actually how Disney staffs each park. In Epcot each country is staffed by people native to those places and in the Animal Kingdom it's obvious that every worker has extensive background and education with animals and they loved taking the time to talk to Jackson and Audrey, answering their questions and teaching them along the way.

We spent the rest of the afternoon into the evening doing what Jackson had been asking for ALL week... hitting up the pool at our resort! Ahh... relaxation. The weather was perfect, the kids LOVED swimming and met lots of friends and of course we were at Disney so it was no ordinary pool. There was an enormous mickey slide, a "fun coordinator" singing songs with the kids and playing games and afterwards we walked to the bonfire to roast s'mores... the perfect end to our week away. 

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