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Monday, February 29, 2016

spring fever!

Spring has - dare we say- arrived early this year!?
I'm certain I just jinxed us, BUT the past two weekends have given us the most beautiful weather, making us crave spring even more. It would be nothing short of heartless if winter showed up again. 

We spent both weekends entirely outdoors which is precisely where our souls seem to fill back up most quickly. 

Last weekend found us kicking off off kayak (and swimming!?) season. It's true. My family is not normal.While kayaking Dan announced to the rest of us on the dock that he was going in for a dip and then tipped himself over in the kayak and swam to shore. Keep in mind that the ice had JUST thawed from the lake that very week so the water was COLD, cold, cold. 

We decided later in the day to hit up the beach to play in the sand. While packing up the peanut somehow convinced her daddy that it would be entirely appropriate if she were to wear her bikini (you know- to the beach, in FEBRUARY!). It was warm out so I went with it. I also "just went with it" when Jackson announced that he too was taking a dip in the lake. It was pretty funny, actually... those little feet so bravely running into the water and then being coaxed back in to REALLY jump in the lake. If you're going to do it, Jack, just DO IT! Crazy, crazy people, I tell you. 

This weekend I was finally feeling about 80% of the way better after battling the flu and subsequent sinus infection, giving me the energy to clean out all the cars and garage while the babies built forts in the yard with "The Skyview Gang." We balanced out the time at home with hiking at Shawnee Lookout. It was the first time we let Jonah attempt a stroller-free hike. I had full expectations of having to carry him at least part of the way, but he was a rock star! He hiked the entire thing except the last 5 minutes when he rode on my shoulders. Those little legs worked HARD, announcing, "I yike hi-king!" Oh, and yes, Audrey is wearing her new Elsa pajamas on the hike... just warming them up for PJ day at school Monday! (note: it's now late Monday night and she has yet to wear anything else)

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