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Sunday, February 14, 2016

jackson turns SIX!

Day TWO of Disney also meant Jackson turned SIX! Moving beyond just one hand of fingers somehow feels wrong and much more grown up than I'm ready for him to be. Thankfully celebrating at Disney meant not having a lot of time to get bummed about that. Instead we spent the day covering every inch of the Magic Kingdom...

This was also the day we went to the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique for Audrey to turn into a princess and Jackson into a knight. It was one of those experiences that was flawless from start to finish- as soon as we walked in it felt like we were in some sort of show where every next move was perfectly orchestrated. 

First, Audrey went to the wardrobe to look through all of the princess dress options including tiaras and wands. She decided on Rapunzel and soon after she was called back to her dressing room where they opened the curtain with drama, of course, and there hanging from the top of the room was her gown with accessories all setting out waiting for her to change. 

Once dressed, she and Jackson were both escorted to their side by side chairs and their fairy godmothers went to work. Jackson opted out of all the hair gel and "bling" (not surprisingly) and jumped straight to taking the oath to be a knight and was then handed his sword and shield. 

Audrey's process was quite a big lengthier (it's hard work becoming a princess). Her fairy godmother was the sweetest. Her name was Taylor and she so sweetly talked to Audrey the entire time- completely in character, of course. She kept telling me how adorable our peanut is... her little voice talking about all things princesses. 

There was glitter and sparkles, makeup and nail polish, a tiara and wand... basically the perfect peanut package. She. was. in. love. And Jackson being the sweetest big brother watched patiently, oohing and ahhing over her during her makeover and all day long. Throughout the day when cast members saw her they would refer to her as princess as they always do at Disney, but would also ask about her experience being transformed at the boutique. By the end of the day when someone asked her about being a real princess now she responded, "You know, I'm really just a kid." Ha!

Jackson loved having the "birthday pin" on throughout the day... it was so cute to hear people wishing him a happy birthday all day long- both cast members but also just other families we would pass and they would notice that he was a birthday boy! So sweet. 

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