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Saturday, February 13, 2016

happy, happy birthday little bear.

The day we left for Disney also happened to be Jonah's second birthday. Our little bear, of course, had no idea where we were going except that he was going to see "Mickey Mouse" and when we told him it was his birthday he assured us he was not TWO but in fact "fwee."He also refused to believe that he had his first airplane ride- "Jonah, you are IN AN AIRPLANE!" To which he would respond, "no no, Mommy, air-pwane over dere" and would point to the other planes on the runway. It is a liiitle confusing, bear, I get it. 

The plus side of a 7am flight is arriving in Florida by 9am with a full day of Disney fun ahead. So after checking into our resort and grabbing lunch we were off to our first day at The Magic Kingdom. We quickly discovered what we already knew- that Audrey would be enthralled with all things princesses (star struck, anyone?) and Jackson was out for a thrill looking for action and adventure! 

And the birthday boy? Poor bear. He was tired from a long day, he was overwhelmed I think by all of the people and noise and just everything... and so after asking him if he wanted to "ride the horsies" and he bravely said YES I could only laugh when this was his reaction to the carousel. Poor guy. We quickly learned of his fear to all things Disney magic including characters and most rides :) 

It was around this point that Nanna + Pop took Jonah back to our resort for the night and Jackson, Audrey and I continued exploring including some up close and personal time with Cinderella and Rapunzel and running from ride to ride until late in the night when after being up since 4am Jackson looked at me and said, "Mommy, if you really want to go back to the resort we can do that..." Meaning, Mommy, I'm tired and I refuse to admit it so lets please go home! Done deal, buddy. 

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