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Saturday, February 20, 2016

epcot: land of princesses.

Continuing the story of Disney so we get it all captured for memories and all that jazz...

Day three started off slowly after being up all night with Audrey and Jonah who unfortunately had a version of the stomach flu I had before our trip. Thankfully they recovered much more quickly and were ready for some action by mid-morning so off we went to Epcot. 

One of Jackson's most favorite rides was at Epcot. He and Pop rode in a race car that "went more than 80mph and was totally sideways!" as Jackson explained. He was pret-ty proud of himself for doing it. 

Next up and on the complete opposite end of the spectrum was lunch in "Norway" with all the princesses Audrey could dream of. This is also where we learned of Jonah's fear of princesses and characters in costume in general :) 

After lunch Nanna, Pop and Jackson stayed to explore for the afternoon while I took the younger monsters back for a much needed nap. In the evening Jackson, Audrey and I went back for Epcot round 2, staying late for "magic hours" and exploring every country and watching the fireworks. 

We had special treats in Mexico, Germany and France and we picked up gifts to give to Emma someday in celebration of The Chinese New Year. On the fan if you look closely they wrote "Engel" for us in chinese characters. I wanted to write "Emma" but Jackson said he's just "not sure that's what HE wants to name her." :)

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