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Saturday, January 30, 2016

life lately.

life lately has included a lot, LOT, of coffee roasting.
after weeks of waiting for inspections and gas line hook-ups we were given full clearance to get to' roastin' a week ago and have been making practice batches ever since.
More to come on The Village Roastery because it feels like that deserves its own post with the story of WHY we're doing it, HOW we're hoping it will help and so on. 

A few weeks ago Jackson started ski lessons.
Each Sunday night he and Dan hit up the slopes, usually going early to get in extra ski/snowboard and tubing time. 
He LOVES it and has declared himself to be a future Olympian. Love his big dreamin'!
Whenever we can, I try to take Audrey and Jonah down to watch with lots of hot chocolate, of course. 

Winter also finally showed up, bringing a few snow days and school delays for the babies. 
The cold outside also makes for some extra snuggle time inside (when little monsters who cannot sit still allow for it). 

And of course there's been work... isn't there always? It's been hard lately, really hard actually, but we're working on it. I checked off another "new state" with a quick visit to Boston, Mass to help our Gillette business, but in terms of trips there is one coming up that I'm far more excited for... Disney World with my sweet babies in just ONE WEEK!

The peanut is a liiiitle excited to say the least and has been "wearing in" her new Ariel bikini in preparation. I cannot, cannot wait for a week away in the sunshine and magic that is Disney World with these three little people of mine and Nanna + Pop too. 

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