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Sunday, January 3, 2016


Happy, happy NEW YEAR! 

I feel like we're creeping into the years that sounded like sci-fi growing up... it's 2016?! That is crazy. That means Jackson is almost 6, Audrey is 4 and Jonah is creeping up on being TWO. Slow down time, go ahead and slow it on down. 

I'm so grateful to have had these past two weeks off work. Time to really soak up my babies and just be. To be still. Or as still as one can be with three little monsters. This time together has been a complete microcosm of 2015: a roller coaster with the highest of highs and some lows too. The year's highs included a new house, traveling to many new places in the world and watching our babies hit milestone after milestone. And the lows were a lot of pain (two words: ruptured discs) and a whole lot of new pressure and stress to learn to manage bit by bit. 

And so went the end of the year:
Leading up to Christmas? So fun!
Passing strep person to person for the past week and a half AND experiencing yet another back episode? That would be the low part of the ride.

BUT we're making the most of it... learning to weave fun into the darker days too, to not allow the pain to play the starring role when it rears its ugly head.  

As always, I have big goals for 2016.
And as always, I have written them, re-written them, studied them and arguably obsessed over them. 
My conclusion? It's going to be a great year. One for the Engel history books, I'm sure. 

It was only fitting that we kicked off the new year in our new community with the annual Hidden Valley Lake Polar Bear Plunge. And by "we" I really mean bundling up the babies in warm, warm clothes and watching Dan jump in like a crazy man. 

So fun! And cold! But mostly just really fun to watch. 

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