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Sunday, December 20, 2015

the world is their stage.

This past week we had Audrey's preschool and Jackson's Kindergarten Christmas programs. Lets just say one was a liiiitle more excited to perform on stage. I'll let you guess who ;) They both did great and overall adorable evenings. We're thankful to have two sets of grandparents who both brave the crowds to cheer on their grandbabies. 

The peanut's preschool program where little people are equally adorable and hilarious.

Jonah watching his Audrey just as Audrey watcher her Jackson two years ago HERE.

Next up was Jackson's Kindergarten program at "the big school" also known as the high school where Dan and I first met! Funny how life comes full circle. Jackson did great, but our favorite part was watching him pre-show. All of the classes had assigned seats in the audience while all of the parents were seated. His seat was next to a little girl in his class who he talks about at home quite a bit. We were seated higher up from his class so could see him beforehand... he talked. her. ear. off for the entire 20 minutes until the show started. I didn't introduce the idea of a "crush" to him but I'm pretty sure he has one whether he knows it or not ;). 

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