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Monday, December 21, 2015

superheroes > princesses

On Friday night we finally- FINALLY- convinced Audrey at least for one evening that there does exist such a thing more exciting than princesses... superheroes! 

The kids and I go to quite a few shows throughout the year- mainly because I love the theater and I want them to love it too, but also to expose them to different things. For whatever reason, the shows tend to error on the side of girly more often than not. So, months ago I bought tickets to "Marvel Superheroes Live" to treat Jackson to a much MUCH more masculine show. I had no idea just how manly it would get. 

There were explosions, superheroes flying from the ceiling and lots of stunts. 

In short, Jackie was in heaven. 

And much to our surprise- so was Audrey! As Dan said, "she raved about the show" the entire next day. She, of course, still wore a tu-tu-like dress to the show which was pretty adorable paired with her Captain America mask. She definitely turned some heads with lots of comments of "how cute." She brings a little peanut-style everywhere she goes!

It was such a fun night for them! The next morning Dan took them to the library- a frequent Saturday morning stop- and they both came home with superhero books, obviously. 

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