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Saturday, December 12, 2015

christmas, take ONE.

We wasted no time this year to start Christmas'ing. 

With grandbaby #11 due any day we decided to have our first get together last weekend... the surprise came when Dan's brother who lives in Denver showed up as a surprise with our sister-in-law and niece. We weren't expecting them to be able to make it home this year for Christmas so it was a perfect surprise that almost killed my mother-in-law I'm sure to keep a secret from the rest of us. 

So for a fleeting moment 10/10 babies were all together until this spring when we'll have 11/11 together on the beach in Virginia for summer vacation. 

These two.
Out of the 10 grandbabies they are the closest in age.
And they are rotten.
We found them sitting on their own at this little table in the kitchen "talking" like little old men. Adrian discovered that they could reach the cookies on their own and told Jonah "cookies IN DERE!" and from that point on I'm not sure either of them were without a cookie for the rest of the night.
They thought they were hilarious.
And they were. 

Little bear exploring the woods where his Daddy spent many, many hours growing up. And PS- this weather in December?! Crazy, but we'll take it. 

Learning early from Uncle D. 

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