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Sunday, December 20, 2015

(catching up) sweet, sweet saturday.

The weather lately has been anything but winter. It has felt almost spring-like many days which is perfect for letting little people get their energy out. Throughout the winter months the lake is lowered quite a bit to allow people to make repairs to their docks if they need to which meant we could play in the water on the shore where there would typically be quite a few feet of water, making for a lot of muddy fun. 

The bear always, always has a snack handy. 

A little later our friend Casey delivered some gravel to help fill in some holes in our parking spaces- a short-term winter-fix until we have them fixed properly (and in a prettier way) this spring. He had some big fans who watched his work and then Daddy has some big helpers in moving the gravel to where it needed to go. 

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