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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Audrey Danielle: FOUR years!

My sweet, sweet Audrey is FOUR years old!

I remember the night she was born like it was yesterday- I had been in labor ALL morning, day, evening and night... and finally, FINALLY early the next morning she made her appearance. Fashionably late, of course. 

She was a tiny little thing (seven pounds is TINY when your first born was over 9!) and so she was our peanut from that day forward. But now our tiny peanut has turned into our tiny dancer- twirling and skipping everywhere she goes. She has the biggest imagination of anyone I know, is the sweetest big sister to Jonah and adores her "Jackie" more than words can explain. 

We've moved away from the drama that were her 2s and first part of her 3s and she's now simply entertaining... bringing a flair and something of an Audrey-style to all she says and does. It's pretty adorable and also hard to explain. In this season of life I would argue that she is actually the easiest to parent. She could easily keep herself entertained and busy all day long... doing puzzles (over and over again), taking care of her babies, coloring and drawing in her (many, many) notebooks. 

I'm so thankful to be your mom, Audrey. You bring a joy to our life that cannot be matched by anything or anyone else. You entertain us, you love on us and you make us laugh more than you probably mean to. You are our sweet peanut who puts on a show wherever she goes... whether she means to or not and we are your absolute biggest, BIGGEST fans. 

Audrey at ZERO here
Audrey at ONE here and here and here
Audrey at TWO here and here
Audrey at THREE here 

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