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Thursday, November 12, 2015

an interview with a peanut (Audrey at FOUR).

Audrey's annual birthday interview. 
A couple things to note :) -
1) she was bummed out at the start because "Jackie" wouldn't draw her a mermaid when she asked. The ultimate offense in Audrey's world.
2) she was also a tad bit bitter with daddy still since he sent her to bed early the night before for not finishing her dinner when asked. 

Interview from age THREE here

mommy audrey day.

As goes with tradition I took off work on Audrey's birthday for a Mommy-Audrey day. 
These days- full of adventure one on one with my sweet babies- will absolutely be some of my favorite memories to look back on... and I hope they feel the same.

This year we somewhat unintentionally "upped the ante" a bit on birthday adventures since we'll be at Disney World during both Jackson and Jonah's birthdays. So, I wanted Audrey to have a special experience on her birthday too. 
This is where the mecca of all little girls' hearts comes into play: The American Girl store. Or as Audrey calls it, "the baby doll palace!"

It. was. awesome. (and seriously expensive) but mainly just awesome. 

It was nice to go on week day morning because the store wasn't busy at all so I followed Audrey around for a long time inspecting each baby doll before choosing her favorite. 
We then took "Julie" to lunch in the store's restaurant where they of course catered to Audrey the birthday girl AND her best friend Julie, complete with bows, tea cups and saucers for all. We did visit the baby doll hair salon too but Audrey is a liiiiitle particular about hair styles and so she decided she wanted to keep Julie's hair the way it was for now. 

After maxing out the American Girl experience we did a little shopping and then went to see a movie together before driving back to Indiana. It's always been this way with Audrey, but she seems to attract attention wherever she goes. I don't mean that in a showy way but I think little girls at that age are especially adorable and she takes it a little over the top with her "flair" if you will. Anyway, while shopping this was no different and so a lot of people would stop her and ask her about her baby doll and such. In one store an older woman was asking her about her name, her baby doll, etc and she said, "Oh, I bet your baby doll will just follow you wherever you go!" to which Audrey responded, "oh, that is CRAZY. She is just a baby doll. She can't even walk because SHE IS NOT REAL!" She then turned around to me to reinforce just how "crazy that lady is, she thinks my baby doll can WALK!" 

It was hilarious and somewhat embarrassing at the same time. The older woman just laughed and laughed. Oh, Audrey... 

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Audrey Danielle: FOUR years!

My sweet, sweet Audrey is FOUR years old!

I remember the night she was born like it was yesterday- I had been in labor ALL morning, day, evening and night... and finally, FINALLY early the next morning she made her appearance. Fashionably late, of course. 

She was a tiny little thing (seven pounds is TINY when your first born was over 9!) and so she was our peanut from that day forward. But now our tiny peanut has turned into our tiny dancer- twirling and skipping everywhere she goes. She has the biggest imagination of anyone I know, is the sweetest big sister to Jonah and adores her "Jackie" more than words can explain. 

We've moved away from the drama that were her 2s and first part of her 3s and she's now simply entertaining... bringing a flair and something of an Audrey-style to all she says and does. It's pretty adorable and also hard to explain. In this season of life I would argue that she is actually the easiest to parent. She could easily keep herself entertained and busy all day long... doing puzzles (over and over again), taking care of her babies, coloring and drawing in her (many, many) notebooks. 

I'm so thankful to be your mom, Audrey. You bring a joy to our life that cannot be matched by anything or anyone else. You entertain us, you love on us and you make us laugh more than you probably mean to. You are our sweet peanut who puts on a show wherever she goes... whether she means to or not and we are your absolute biggest, BIGGEST fans. 

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

a dinner fit for a peanut.

Tonight we celebrated the Peanut- every glitter-covered (almost) 4 year old inch of her. She's been counting down to her birthday for months now and she's quick to remind me that she turns 4 this week but next year she'll turn 5 and then 6 and then... you get the idea. The Peanut is in a liiiitle bit of a rush to grow up and I couldn't be in more violent disagreement with her. And so while she blows out her candles wishing for all things unicorns, mermaids and rainbows I'm over in the corner trying not to blink- not for one second- because I can't get enough of my Audrey at this sweet, sweet (and seriously pink & sparkly) stage.