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Saturday, October 31, 2015

new york love.

It took nearly seven years to get Dan to give up 10 acres in the country for life in a lake community... how many might it take to take the plunge to life in Manhattan? More than a lifetime, I'm guessing. Thankfully for me I get to live vicariously through trips to the big apple for work. I LOVE New York. I really do. I love the energy, the creativity that is EVERYWHERE. The food. The history. All of it. 

I still have no idea how it is that I'm now representing the biggest advertiser in the world with arguably the most innovative, influential companies of our time (I'm talking about you, Google and Facebook) along with many others on the rise. The conversations this week have me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed but more thankful than ever that I get to do this job. The learning opportunities are quite frankly endless. 

And what's even better is that these people in these places are feeling a lot less like "business deals" and a whole lot more like good friends. "Welcome to the family" was thrown out more than once this week. Being in that kind of company makes it a whole lot easier to leave my babies for a few days. 

But coming home? There's nothing better than that. 
Not even New York can compete with the sweetest three faces I know. 

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