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Thursday, October 22, 2015


I feel like I've packed a few weeks into the past few days. 
Some last-minute business travel to Nashville for the past two days combined with feeling so very behind in work AND at home has me feeling somewhat drained.
The good news? It's Thursday. Friday is juuuust within reach!

In glancing at my phone last night I realized these were the only pictures I took while away. This, my friends, is what they call "working mom travels."

Face Time. How did I ever travel without you? Ignore the horrid expression on my face :), but how great to be able to parent my sweet babies from the airport and show them where I am. (my most favorite Face Time memory was calling Jackson and Audrey from the Eiffel Tower and showing them Paris from afar. Awesome.) 

And the view of Nashville from my hotel room downtown. To be fair, we did go to an amazing dinner at an old southern mansion outside of town but I didn't take any photos and most of the people I was with hit up the Broadway strip of bars with live music after, but I opted for a hotel room all to myself to catch up on work which was fabulous.

The up side is that not seeing anything is rare with work travel- I most always make time to explore, but I opted not to this time around. Next week I'll be in NYC for a few days and can't wait to catch up with a friends in between meetings. 

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