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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


The Children's Theater of Cincinnati season kicked off Sunday with... wait for it... The Little Mermaid! If you've been around Audrey at all in the past six months you would know her love for all things mermaids right now. Her dream is to be a mermaid. She's going to be one for Halloween. She draws mermaids all day, every day. She's a liiiiitle into it right now. And so she was pumped for the show ("Mommy I'm SO EXCITED I can't stop giggling!"). Jackson, not so much. He declared it a "girl's show" and almost stayed home but decided to come at the last minute "for the treats." He actually ended up liking the show too- it was so good!  Afterwards we bought treats and sat in the P&G gardens for a bit before heading home. They love being at "mommy's work" and cannot understand why I don't get to have "recess time" when I'm there :). I snapped a few poor-quality phone pics of them while we hung out because these totally capture their personalities right now- 100% goofy and 100% best friends (at least 99% of the time.) 

Jackson declared these their "principal" impersonations. 

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