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Saturday, October 17, 2015

a little life lately...

Life has been steadily chugging along since my last (pain-FULL) update. I've been sporting by ever-attractive back brace 24/7 because lets face it, I simply do not have the time (or patience) to be running on anything less than all cylinders. 

Maintaining perspective also helps- I just keep thinking of all of my sweet friends in Ecuador... what would I do if I didn't have access to medical help? I would LOSE MY MIND, that is what. And of all the sweet babies in China who are waiting, just WAITING, for help... so not fair. But- me?- I have access to doctors and hospitals and crazy-advanced machines that while slow-moving (so. slow.) they will eventually bring me relief and for that I am eternally grateful.  

As I was cleaning out my camera roll this morning from my phone I thought these five random pictures summed up our week pretty well:

Give me a room with an empty white board and some lovely nerd-talk and brainstorming and I'm all like, "why do they pay me for this stuff?" This was just one random idea-filled board from this week, but there were many more and one session in particular that had me so full of ideas I could just burst. I'm lucky, that's all. 

This week was "fall-break" from both kindergarten and pre-school (and dance) so the monsters were allowed to throw bedtime out the window. This was Jackson by the end of the week. I sent him upstairs to brush his teeth and he literally fell asleep in the hallway. He has laughed endlessly at this photo. 

My view Friday morning while waiting for my MRI at the hospital. I was nervous. I am claustrophobic plus I've had this unhealthy worry that there's something more going on with my back than just ruptured discs and so I was feeling pretty scared beforehand. But then, I realized... I'm laying in this machine, with a warm blanket over me, listening to music (and the LOUD thumping of the machine...) but I was LAYING STILL with NOBODY climbing on me, asking me questions, no emails burning up my phone. It was easily the most relaxing 60 minutes I've had lately and it was awesome!

Late night girl-talks with the Peanut. I live for these moments. There are a lot of rules I enforce (I will NOT raise heathens...), but when I work as much as I do I really do not care what time they go to bed as long as they're getting enough sleep and they're functioning well the next day. This means that many nights I get a lot of precious moments like this when Dan and Jonah are already long asleep and I get extra Audrey and Jackson time. It's most always where I learn the most about what's going on in those sweet little minds. Something about late nights brings out the most honesty and detail. 

And after a long week I couldn't ask for anything better than a slow-moving Saturday morning. As usual, we gathered around pancakes, coffee and our bibles for some Jesus-time and it was the best. (side note: Audrey STILL insists that Jesus is a girl... this morning she filled up her bible verse notebook with quite a few pictures of all his "pretty dresses..." Oh, Peanut.) 

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