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Sunday, October 25, 2015

a little fall-fun catch up.

I've never been the biggest fan of Halloween... before having kids we were perfectly happy skipping right over it, but I'll admit it's fun (and adorable) to brainstorm costume ideas and then watch as Jackson, Audrey (and Jonah- against his will) light up when it's finally time to get into character! This year Audrey wanted to be Ariel and Jackson asked if he and Jonah could be ninja turtles. And with that I realized my few- very few- years of talking them into being a sweet little themed trio was over basically before it began. But, they were still pretty cute, I'll admit, even if not perfectly visually choreographed :). PS- it feels like we've been Halloween-ing for daysss considering we're still almost a week away from the actual holiday. Can we move on to Thanksgiving yet?!

We kicked off all things Halloween with the Hidden Valley Haunted Hayride a few weeks ago. I couldn't believe how "into it" people got- they had the houses along the route completely in theme with decorations, scary Halloween scenes and lots of people handing out candy along the way. So fun!

One afternoon Jackson and I did a little hiking around our house... fall on the lake isn't so bad :). 

I think this might be the first year we have actually carved a pumpkin - we normally just paint them or decorate them in a less messy way :) But Jackson insisted and Audrey refused to come anywhere near all that gross goo inside. 

Notice all three opted for some winter gloves to help keep the yucky stuff of their little hands... 

It wouldn't be Halloween without Trunk n' Treat at church! 

And finally a little pumpkin painting followed by the season's first hot chocolate... an activity Audrey can fully get on board with :) The babies had lots and lots of pumpkins to pain thanks to the pumpkin patch they grew at Nanna & Pop's this year. 

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