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Saturday, September 26, 2015

the great outdoors...

This afternoon we took a break from chores (so. many. chores to catch up on) to hit up one of our local parks for an event put on by the tri-state parks association. There were events all around the city to encourage people to explore their parks and the outdoors so we chose the one closest which was all about discovering wildlife living in the local rivers and creeks. 

These two gals were fantastic- and happy to see us (we were their only visitors all afternoon). I love for Audrey especially to see smart girls getting their hands dirty to LEARN and explore. 

Jackson got to fish with a net! 

There were lots of little fishies in there that they caught. 

Jonah of course has no fear and was happy to pick one up :). 

Their "Fishie Faces"... otherwise known as being ornery. 

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