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Monday, September 7, 2015

thank you, dear labor day.

Thank you, Labor Day, for the much MUCH needed extra day off from work. Jackson thanks you as well- evidenced by sleeping in until 10am (what?!). Of course at that point Jonah was already down for a nap. After all boys (and the peanut who seems to live on little to no sleep) were up and rested and we had gone through puzzles and books and legos and you-name-it we decided to go back to Shawnee Lookout to hike another trail. In the 90+ degree heat. With three monsters five and under. And a woman with a possible ruptured disk. All odds were against us but we had the best time and rewarded the littlest hikers with ice cream after. 

Hey look- I do exist! And don't be jealous of my back brace. Audrey did attempt to "bedazzle" it yesterday with princess stickers but it's still just hideous albeit necessary right now. 

Before the hike we stopped in at the little museum in the park- holy moly I love museums. This was a tiny one but so cool that they had relics from the Indians who lived here thousands of years ago. Amazing. 

And a few moments from our peaceful morning. It was nothing extraordinary, but we just don't get a lot of mornings like this. With both of us working full-time it's rare to have an entire day with no obligations, no plans, nowhere to get to by a certain time. It was glorious. 

This guy is a book nerd. He sat on the deck this morning and "read" his book for nearly an hour. 

And the peanut continues with her notebook obsession. She gets that honestly, of course. She just writes and writes and writes. Drawing mermaids and castles and anything that comes to mind. One day I plan to collect all her notebooks and take some photos. It's impressive to me the thought and detail she puts into every page. 

And lastly a few quick photos of Jackie and Uncle Pooch from family dinner last night. We finally got him out on the kayak (and Pop too, although I don't think I have photos of that). 

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