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Monday, September 7, 2015

sunday adventures.

Somehow Dan after however many years finally has me in the habit of going to early church. While I miss having more time to ease our way into the day, I love how it makes our weekends feel so much longer since we're home from church mid-morning versus early afternoon. This means we can typically fit in an "adventure" before needing to get Jonah in bed for a nap. Yesterday that meant hitting up a new park- Shawnee Lookout- to explore an old log cabin from the late 1700s and ancient Indian burial grounds while hiking. It was HOT- too hot for September- but the babies pushed through, ending the hike covered in sweat and oh so sleepy. 

When Audrey saw this log cabin she asked, "Is this where Ma and Pa live?!" We're pretty into Little House in the Prairie right now :). 

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