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Thursday, September 3, 2015

little bit of this, little bit of that...

Well, here I am again... back brace on, pain meds on hand and recovering from yet another "episode" shall we call it with my back. Tuesday I started having some pretty bad back pain- bad for me means really bad since I pretty much always have back pain daily. Then, Wednesday it became unbearable on my drive into the office. When I arrived I attempted to get out of my car to go inside and could barely walk. The pain was paralyzing. So I basically fell back into my car and drove myself to the ER. A lovely start to the day. Long story, short: I need to recover from this episode which means trying to rest (while also catching up on work + taking care of three sweet monsters) and then get an MRI scheduled to figure out what is going on. The ER DR thinks it's a disk problem- I'm hoping we can find a solution that has nothing to do with surgery. 

But, before this drama we had a really great weekend. The hope of another really great one (with an extra day- thank you, Labor Day!!) is what is keeping me going right now. 

Saturday was outdoor movie night- so fun. 

Sunday we had a super early date- running the Cheetah Race together followed by a stop at Findlay Market. Dan, as always, killed it- placing 16th out of more than 1500 runners! Lets just say I did not place 16th :). 

So excited to run and amusing himself with his Curious George shirt :). 

And we ended with a donut taste testing for Nanna & Pop's new venture- an expansion to their catering business will be "Hoffman Mini Donuts" which will pop up at various events throughout the year. Caution for picture overload below, but we were out for some initial marketing photo materials with three of their biggest donut fans. You can also "like" their facebook page for more updates HERE

A few pre-donut shots of these two just because they crack each other up. 

"show me your muscles!"

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