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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

the peanut's first field trip and a dream COME TRUE!

A few days ago Audrey told us (over & over) how her WISH and her DREAM was to ride a horse and a unicorn. I told her that her wish was going to come true this week on her field trip when she would have the chance to ride a horse at the pumpkin patch. 

She. was. pumped. 

As soon as her ride was over she declared that her dream came true, but now she just needed to find a unicorn to ride. 

Oh, peanut, dreaming big. A girl after my own heart!

With our sweet neighbor and friend, Ali. They're pretty cute together :)

I'm so thankful I could take time off to join my sweet Audrey on her very first field trip- this girl is such a joy to us and I couldn't be more proud to be her mama. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

donuts = happiness.

Nanna & Pop's mini donut stand popped up for their first event (Franklin County Tractor Show) this weekend so their most loyal customers had to make an appearance last night and test for quality. They gave them 2 thumbs up!

P&G Day.

Last weekend was "P&G Day" at King's Island- one of my most favorite fall traditions. I took Jackson and Audrey while Dan stayed home with Jonah to give him a nap and ice his hurt knee from the race. The weather was perfect and the kiddos had a great time, as always...

We went to the dinosaurs alive exhibit for the first time and they were NOT sure about it at first... 

the great outdoors...

This afternoon we took a break from chores (so. many. chores to catch up on) to hit up one of our local parks for an event put on by the tri-state parks association. There were events all around the city to encourage people to explore their parks and the outdoors so we chose the one closest which was all about discovering wildlife living in the local rivers and creeks. 

These two gals were fantastic- and happy to see us (we were their only visitors all afternoon). I love for Audrey especially to see smart girls getting their hands dirty to LEARN and explore. 

Jackson got to fish with a net! 

There were lots of little fishies in there that they caught. 

Jonah of course has no fear and was happy to pick one up :). 

Their "Fishie Faces"... otherwise known as being ornery. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

air force half marathon.

This morning we woke up early. Too EARLY for a Saturday morning and drove to the Air Force Marathon in Dayton, Ohio for Dan's first half (13.1 miles). As usual, Jackson and Audrey listened to directions and went back to sleep in the car while the bear was wide awake the entire time we drove up, were there and drove home. He's a... trooper?!

This was a great race to take the kids to because it was on the base at the National Air Force Museum so they had several planes outside parked around the finish line for them to look at while the race was happening. They even had several people parachute out of a plane at the start of the half marathon which was so cool!

Dan did great- he always does- but as soon as I saw him running towards the finish line I knew he was in pain- he was practically limping as he ran. His knee had been hurting since last weekend's 15k and he said in his gut he knew he should not have ran today, but he did and he was in pain the entire time. He's now napping (he NEVER naps. ever.) while icing his knee so I'm hoping he'll be okay after a few days. 

His time: 1 hour, 44 minute
Average pace: 7: 58
34th place for his division

The sun rise was beautiful this morning! Just how Audrey likes it with lots of purples and pinks. 

The fly over for the full marathon start- Jackson practically fell to the ground with ears covered... it was so CLOSE and LOUD but AWESOME. 

This has nothing to do with the race but I just think he's the cutest little apple-eater there ever was. 

Daddy's biggest fans all lined up to watch him FINISH!