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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

the peanut goes to preschool.

As I sit here, my Audrey- my peanut- is at her first day of preschool. 
A day she's been waiting for nearly her entire 3.5 years of life. 

Not surprisingly, she had her dress (and accessories, obviously) picked out last night. Her backpack was stuffed FULL of all the things she could think of- all of which I snuck out this morning and girlfriend was the first one in the classroom door, ready to get down to business. 

No tears, just hugs and "I'm so excited! Are you so excited too, Mommy?"
Oh yes, peanut, so excited! Because my sweet Audrey is growing into a little lady who I know, just KNOW, is going to love every little thing that comes along with preschool. 

*Post Edit- After picking up the peanut, she declared it was "so much fun!"
-When asked what they had for a snack she said, "it wasn't dog food!" I told her that was a good thing but asked her why she said that and she explained, "well, it looked like dog food, silly! But it wasn't."
-She also explained that she hasn't asked anyone to be her best friend... YET. I guess she's still assessing her options :). 

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