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Monday, August 17, 2015

the bear at 18 months.

We are about a week late getting to this, but the bear is 18 months! That is less than six months away from hitting the point when it's wholly inappropriate to track his age in months- which translates to: the boy is getting old. 

Jonah is following the clinically studied birth order role to a tee- he is our clown, our fearless one, our can't-sit-still-ever third child. He is, from what I understand, so much of who Dan was at this age (and still is?). 

We are currently debating what to do because he has already started climbing out of his crib. We find him most mornings laying on top of his bed's railing- with one leg and arm on each side holding on for dear life calling for "mama... maMA... MAMA!" Putting the bear in a toddler bed right now would be a nightmare for so many reasons so we're considering other options, not excluding a baby net- things that once felt like borderline inappropriate now feel rather comforting! #thirdchild

It feels like Jonah is less verbal than Jackson and Audrey were at this stage. He certainly knows a lot of words, but he seems to use them less often. His newest word this weekend was "help" which he used over and over and over again :). 

For the most part he's super independent- almost to the point of being a challenge, but when he's tired or not feeling well he is a total mama's baby and I. love. it. 

There is so, so much we love about the bear at eighteen months but I think tonight's scene at bedtime summed so much of it up- he is the baby of the family (at least for now) and so everyone loves on the bear ALL the time. He made his rounds to tell everyone "ni-night!" and touched fingers (his way of saying "I love you") along with multiple hugs. This went on for a good ten minutes- going from daddy to mommy to jackie to audrey over and over again. Eventually, grabbing his paci and two enormous stuffed animals to make the long climb up to his bedroom. 

Oh, Jonah, you pretty much have all four of us wrapped around your little fingers. 
And I'm also pretty sure you know it, you little stinker! 

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