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Friday, August 7, 2015


Years ago someone I worked with told me how when you're feeling good about your work- I mean really good- you are "soaring." It's the feeling of being in the groove, when things are clicking and you see and feel the impact multiplying around you. 

The past few months work-wise have been hard- both the challenging kind of hard and the busy kind of hard. There have been days- even weeks- when my mental and physical energy have felt beyond empty. But the thing is I'm soaring. And so while it's hard- it's also really great. 

I'm so thankful
So blessed.
So incredibly lucky.

Top that off with some pretty spectacular opportunities and I'm one happy (and exhausted) lady. 

My work team.
A couple of weeks ago we had the rare opportunity to all be in the same city for the week.
We had people fly in from Singapore, China and London to join the rest of us in Cincinnati and we had the best time together.
That's the plus side.
The down side is we also were beginning to say goodbye to the absolute best manager and coach I've ever known. He decided to follow his heart and a true God calling to leave P&G and help lead a company that not only builds brands, but changes lives. 
The opportunity was absolutely perfect- purpose-driven work at its best. 

One of the reasons my team was in town was for an annual event we host called Signal at P&G- where essentially every industry leader in all things digital convene for a day. It was brain candy at its best hearing from leaders of Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, you-name-it. The below was when our chief marketing officer was celebrating the Always "Like a Girl" campaign success which we drove primarily through digital media. That campaign for me epitomizes so much of what I want to do- pair up all that I'm learning professionally with all the things I'm passionate about personally to make a difference. A real difference. I would be lying if I said the day didn't have me in tears multiple times. Messages- stories- campaigns... they can be powerful. They can touch people in deep, deep ways. 

Later that same week I had the opportunity to lead a group of P&G leadership through an unforgettable experience. An event called NewCo hit Cincinnati for the first time- it's sometime that takes place in most major cities globally annually where there is a large start-up presence. Throughout the day, those start-ups open their doors and offer up talks/tours to the public to share their story. To me, NewCo and start-ups are the epitome of the American Dream- they're about taking an idea, a passion and working tirelessly to make it a reality. As a team, we covered 12 of those start-ups throughout the day and I walked away inspired, energized and more in love than ever with this city of ours. 

And finally last week I had a quick business trip to northern Minnesota. 
We flew into Minneapolis and then drove more than three hours north to Alexandria to a lake resort. 
Our P&G team who works directly with the Target corporation had asked me to come and be the keynote speaker for their annual summer off-site meeting and it was a blast.
Not only did the actual speaking part go well, but the team was amazing, fun and their energy was contagious. 

This is my summer intern and I with the 95+ people I trained at the event. So fun!

 My flight landed late and so when I got home this is what I found.
Jonah was asleep in his bed.
Jackson had fallen asleep with Dan.
And Dan had thought Audrey was also sleeping with him BUT no, the peanut had decided to do some wardrobe-changes and squeezed in some solo playtime, eventually passing out in her bed with all the lights on in her room before I arrived home. 

I'm hoping (HOPING) that things will slow down a bit in the next few weeks but the reality is that any time I have ever thought that it hasn't been the case. 
The key is to be thankful for the opportunities and create time away when I need a break or when things feel out of balance. 

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