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Friday, August 28, 2015


This week the unthinkable happened.

Dan- my Dan- my crazy smart but somewhat (dare I say) unorganized Dan, bought his own planner. PLANNER!! When he first told me I thought he said "planTER" as in to plant flowers which I thought was sort of odd, but then when he corrected me and told me he was buying a planner in which to plan his GOALS and LIFE and DAYS I was in total awe and feel even more in love because planners and all things organization are after all at the very top of my list of favorite things. 

He, of course, researched the very best one to buy and found something called The Purpose Planner. When it arrived I was head over heels and so very quickly ordered my own. And so all week long I've been waiting for this moment- for this Friday night- to begin filling out my very new planner which has a place to set GOALS! Goals for the year and then broken down by prioritizing goals for each month. It's my idea of Heaven, really, to think and re-think about said goals. 

So here I am, in pure bliss. In my (almost finished) new home office, thinkin' bout' goals and fillin' in planners and using alllll of my self-control to not fill in Dan's for him too. Because I would totally do that if I could get by with it... 

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