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Saturday, August 15, 2015

date night.

We have this goal of having monthly date nights. 
But here we are in August and I'm not sure if we've had more than one this entire year. 
But Friday night it all came together- we had a sitter and the most beautiful fall-like weather- it was glorious.Dinner overlooking the river, exploring an old bookstore and a long walk while the sun set with a Jimmy Buffet cover band playing live in the background. 

It was so simple, but so needed. 

We were home earlier than we needed to be but it's hard to not be with my babies on a Friday night and so we came home and soaked up the cuddles. As much as I go and go and go during the week, weekends are sacred. 

Weekends are my peace, my quiet, my comfort. 
Weekends recharge all of us in magical ways- and thank goodness for that :). 

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