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Friday, August 7, 2015

class of 2028.

It's Friday night and I feel like I finally have a chance to breathe. 
This week was good but this week made us tired. 
Between crazy work stuff, starting Kindergarten, a teething baby and some summer colds we are ready for the weekend BIG time!
But before that, a few more photos from Jackson's first day of Kindergarten...

What is it they say about your babies growing up before your eyes?
I think this is what they meant. 

I will never forget walking my little man into his first day of "big kid school"
I will never forget feeling his little fingers wrapping tighter and tighter around mine.
And the feeling of never wanting to let go when we reached his classroom.

But I did let go.
And so did he.

I know we'll have to repeat that- many, many times- throughout his childhood.
I'm not naive enough to it that will get easier.
But I do hope I'll remember how happy he was- how proud he was- at the end of this week. 
New friends, new adventures, new things learned- all under that little belt of his.
It's funny how the hard things turn out to be the really great things- no matter what your age. 

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