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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

weekly bucket list.

1. To slow it down. After an action-packed holiday weekend I'm craving some breathing time in between work and life. 
2. To continue my running momentum from the 5k. Races always re-energize me to work harder. (goal: 4 runs, 1 cross-train)
3. To lay out a plan for the next four weeks+ that will keep the peace in tact and keep the crazy away. I have a lot, a LOT, of big work events and milestones to hit and want to balance all of that with making the most of the rest of our summer break before Kindergarten and soccer start up for Jackson and Preschool and dance (!!) start up for Audrey. 

Several months ago I came across 12 principles for Zen and wrote them in my journal. I find myself coming back to these time and time again, including this week:

1. Do one thing at a time.
2. Do it slowly and deliberately. 
3. Do it completely.
4. Do less.
5. Put space between things.
6. Develop rituals.
7. Designate time for certain things. 
8. Devote time to sitting.
9. Smile and serve others.
10. Make cleaning and cooking meditation. 
11. Think about what is necessary. 
12. Live simply. 

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