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Sunday, July 5, 2015

the 4th.

Yesterday was a little bit magical. The day was full of "Americana" from start to finish making life on the lake the perfect place to be on the 4th. There is just so, so much we're thankful for- our freedom, the endless opportunities we have in front of us, the  peace of mind that comes along with being an American and what that means, especially, as a parent. And then on top of that the opportunity to live in this place that we've fallen so in love with. 

We are blessed, we are thankful and we are spoiled. 

We started the day early- leaving the babies in bed with Mamaw on duty so Dan and I could run the Firecracker 5K. 

Next up was the kiddos' bike parade in our community which was adorable. 

At this point it still wasn't even noon yet and we were on the lake swimming and paddleboarding while Jonah took a nap. 

Dan took the two older monsters to a family party for a few hours in the afternoon. The bear and I opted out in lieu of some one on one time at the pool. 

My goal of wearing Jonah out so he would sleep through through the fireworks fun worked. We hung out with neighbors, roasted s'mores and watched the fireworks late into the night. 

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