Life on Cottage Hill: PAGES

Thursday, June 11, 2015

to a life in between.

A little over seven years ago I married my best friend. and a little after that I started blogging- a place to journal, a place to capture our adventures and a place to look back and remember. 

Fast forward a couple of years and that blog evolved into one centered around life with our sweetest and most important role yet as new parents. The next few years held more adventures, eventually growing into a family of FIVE! 

But, life evolves and so that chapter recently came to a close when we sold our first home- our cottage on a hill- and began a new one on the lake. 

Partly I think this change was for the sake of change. Some people get the seven year itch in their marriage, our itch was with our lifestyle which was most heavily influenced by where we were living.

Where we were was great and it was a good fit at that time, but the space to run and play also meant a lot of time spent on the up-keep. And it felt like the more extra space we had meant the more stuff we bought to fill up the space.

So we made a lifestyle choice. A choice that boiled down to wanting to spend less time working on our home and more time working in our life. 

And so we made the jump- we sold our house, we found our dream location and here we are at the very start of this new adventure. An adventure where there will always be peaks and valleys, there will always be "have tos" and distractions and busyness and stuff that tries to take away the joy... but we are just so blessed. SO BLESSED. We have 3 (someday 4) adorable, hilarious, entertaining little monsters who we have this one season to show that they can make the choice to not focus on all of that, but instead focus on a life in between all that. 

In between- it's that place where the magic happens. That place full of little moments and adventures that fill us up, that give us energy and inspire us. That place that leads to a life focused on all that is right and good- our faith, our family and learning all the day long wherever that day may take us, knowing that in the end we'll come back together to this haven we've created on the lake.