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Sunday, June 14, 2015

saturday adventures at home.

saturdays adventures at home go a long way in recharging hearts after a long week. almost every thing is a season, I've learned, and this season for us is thriving off of spending as much time together at home as possible with our sweet babies when we don't have to be at work. yesterday we lived on lake time- letting the day naturally unfold...

saturday mornings (well, all mornings...) always begin with coffee. lots of coffee. 

practicing writing with the peanut. "E is for Elsa!" obviously. 

this is always a sign of a summer day spent well... 

when it was getting close to jonah's bedtime we decided to let the bear stay up late and instead go on our first geo-cache adventure. I could have predicted how this would go: Jackson loved it and followed every step precisely, Audrey was along for the ride and sorely unimpressed with the "treasures" we found (and grumpy from being woken up from a nap, I would add) and Jonah was Jonah... trying to jump out of the wagon and happy with whatever we did. 

Lets call this one, "a tantrum by sunset." Good thing she's cute! 

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