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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I hope they know...

Not every day is perfect (or hour for that matter) but I do hope my babies know they are perfectly loved. Unconditionally, without a doubt or a hint of a waver, loved to the end of time. I heard this great quote this week- "you can either prepare the road ahead for your child or you can prepare your child for the road ahead." Love that. It's not easy- SO NOT easy- to focus on preparing the child instead of doing every thing possible to make everything around them perfect and sanitized in a beautiful little bubble. But it is necessary. 

Because the thing is, this world is not perfect- we teach them that because Jesus teaches us that- so while I certainly hope I spend more time focusing on the good and beautiful and hopeful, there are days- so many days- when I need to remind myself to not get caught up in playing defense to all that surrounds us... the ugly stuff, the scary stuff, the new stuff that seems like it might be scary but then turns out to be the greatest of adventure stuff. And even the comparison stuff, realizing our days may look different than those around us, but that's okay. Because while our path sometimes feels different, 'different' has some pretty great views, even when it's not always paved and marked. 

Tonight was a little rocky at points- meltdowns and tired babies (and adults) and realizing it's only Tuesday (what!?)- but like always, there was plenty of sweet and fun and funny. I hope my babies know that this is life. The good, the bad and the GREAT. It's all a part of it and I'm so thankful to get to do life with them. 

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