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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

a jackson-approved weekend.

Catching up on this past weekend (again, how is it only Tuesday?!)... Jackson had two big "firsts" - 

#1- He went to his first summer camp. He's not old enough to stay the week or even the night, but he did go all day Saturday to a Christian church camp on the other side of the city and LOVED it. 

#2- At the end of camp I picked both he and his buddy Canaan up so they could have their first sleepover. Jackson has had sleepovers, but they've always been with grandparents or cousins, so this felt like his true official one and they did so great. They played everything imaginable, we went to the "big park," had ice cream (the biggest ice cream cone of their lives, they tell me), watched a new movie (with Daddy's famous popcorn) and they ended the night staying up and talking in their beds until nearly midnight. I eavesdropped several times and loved hearing their little voices discussing random things like "what if they could eat ice cream for a hundred million years straight" or "do you think an ice cream cone could ever reach all the way up to Heaven?" 

I have no idea how Jackson suddenly became so old- old enough for camp and sleepovers. Maybe it wasn't "suddenly" at all but rather me refusing to believe my sweet baby boy isn't so much a baby at all anymore. I love watching him turn into a confident, smart, funny, goofy little man-in-the-making. 

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